Three Things I Learned While Making the Windlord

Posted by: Joya

It's been 40 years since Marty made the Windlord. These are some things he had to say about the experience:

 1. "You're never done, till you're done."  

 40 years later he's working with a team to relocate the Windlord to a more prominent spot in Lansing, Michingan.  Creating work in bronze means creating work that will live on for maybe more than 100 years.  

2. He said he learned a lot about, "the bureaucracy that it takes to put [a public sculpture] in the world."

3. "The process of learning never ends."  

Martin continues to surprise us all with his new ideas and new strategies.  He's never afraid to embark on something new.  We are always looking forward to what he will create next.







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