Three Options are Open

Posted by: Martin Eichinger

Three Options are Open was challenging for me to conceptualize as a three dimensional sculpture. The idea being simple, Three Options Are Open, is a rejection of black and white thinking. It suggests that we not polarize our thinking; yet to simply be more creative about finding agreement. It’s looking at our options from a distance with honest consideration that creates common ground and satisfies the greater collective.

The visual solution included thinking about a universe of options or the outside surface of the orb that surrounds us. The circling edge of that orb became, in my mind, the intersection with reality and in this instance there are three elements that are more prominent than the rest. I have tried to place the figure in the midst of these options as if she is contemplating making a wise choice between them.

In essence, Three Options are Open invites the viewer to reflect upon choices that lay before them and what that might mean to them. Offering some wisdom, emotion or reaction to something deeper.

The fourth breath Fortify My Spirit was produced before Three Options are Open because the idea of an emerging energy simply came to mind first. Strength is symbolized with her coming out from a blanket and placed on a formal pedestal block with references to a mythic grounding. She embodies confidence and power in the choice that was ultimately made.

I invite you to share your observations and thoughts that come to mind when contemplating Three Options are Open.


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