The Meditation Series

Posted by: Martin Eichinger

I first started to meditate as a form of mind relaxation. As many have done before me, I slowly counted breathing from one to four, and then repeated the sequence for as long as I could, or until I felt relaxed. But I often lost track and my mind easily wandered.  So I learned to attach specific, meaningful words to help me stay conscious of my counting and controlled breathing. These breaths and their words found there way into my thoughts as I sculpted, and became an infused part of the pieces I created.

This practice is what led me to my newest sculpture series that I’m calling “Meditation.”  It’s been a few years since I’ve released a series of sculptures that are so connected to my intimate self.  I guess all my sculptures are in some way about me, but the work in this series feels like I’m revealing secrets.  Maybe because my art and my life are feeling more and more intertwined, I have become more comfortable sharing this part of “self.”  One With begins the series, just as it begins the first breath of my meditation. It was released a few months ago to a great reception in the marketplace.

I previously hinted that there might be more sculptures to follow. While I’ve been working on all four of the “breaths” in my meditation, I’ve gone from breath #1 to breath #4, with my newest finished clay piece titled Fortify. Fortify is the final breath of my meditative sequence and a request for strength. I’ve just released it as a pre-cast purchase opportunity. Breath #2 and #3 are works in progress, to be released soon.

I suppose now I should let you in on my mantra, as I’ve repeated it for the thirty-some years I’ve been sculpting: “One with the universe . . . To love is to be . . . Three options are open . . . Fortify my spirit.” These breaths have gone beyond a simple practice to an enlightened sculpture series with significant meaning.  At least they do if you have been thinking about them for thirty years.

I’m curious to know if this mantra connects to anyone out there.  Or do you have your own mantra you’re willing to share, and perhaps spark another sculpture in the Meditation Series?


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