The Idiosyncratic Methods of the Ideoforms

Posted by: Joya


Marty started his career working with science museums; engineering and designing hands-on exhibits that allowed the visitor to actively learn about scientific principles.  I think this spirit of discovery (and a wicked skill set) is evident in his work to this day. 


One series, in particular, “the Ideoforms,” which began with a desire to work from the abstract towards the figurative, is an example of science as a recurring theme in Marty’s work.  The name of the series is inspired by Ideograms or Ideographs, which are symbols of conceptual ideas. Marty began with gestural shapes and worked organically from that starting point as he grappled with scientific principles and ideas such as “Event Horizon,” a term from general relativity used to describe what some call, “the point of no return.”  


The Ideoform series is a reminder of Marty’s playful roots in the wonderful world of science.  He never misses a chance to challenge himself and surprise the viewer.





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