Symphony in S Minor

Posted by: Star Rinaldi

Symphony in S Minor is a sculpture that plays like music. Where the harmony comes through in more nuanced ways with the retelling of each stanza. It is a sculpture that plays in the minor key of base relief.

Unlike the music of Brahms and Beethoven that can be played in a dozen keys, sculpture can be played in only two. The first, the major key, is full, stands alone and in the round. The second, the minor key, is played flat to the wall or to the portraits on the coins we carry in our pockets everyday. It is thought of as the minor key because it isn’t thought of all that much.

It almost crosses the border into that foreign country called “painting” where depth and form are only implied, where foreground and background sit side by side and the atmosphere of weather or the transparency of a veil can be blushed over and seen through. High relief, low relief, base relief in their flatness also gives what sculptures “in the round” never ask for, a horizon, a forced perspective that can foreshorten the pointing arm or the infinity that lies just beyond. “Symphony” plays in this minor key yet it stands alone “in the round” if you will.

It is not on a wall or coin; it is floating on water, forever going downstream playing a gentle tune of harmony.


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