Love is To Be

Posted by: Martin Eichinger

The second breath in my meditation is To Love is To Be, yet it’s the third sculpture released in my Meditation Series (more on the tangled order later). The play-on-words that I’ve used for this piece, and each piece in the series, is obvious, but I also want the intent to be clear to my viewers. That is an important part of my sculpting – a clear intent that my viewers can connect with, and form their own ideas from.

For me, To Love is To Be can be interpreted quite literally. It means that the act of loving, and of being loved, is an integral part of our being alive.

This sculpture brings to mind works from the Duet Series, like Dance of Yes & No, Rapture, and Whirlwind. These sculptures highlight the meaning of being in love, and sharing that love with a partner. To Love is To Be doesn’t necessarily require a partner – the love can be for family, for nature, for the elements, heck, even for a really good book.

The point is that To Love; to love anything, to feel that emotion, is what it really means To Be; to be alive, to be aware, to be an emotionally connected being.

Pictured here is the work in finished clay; it is currently being offered as a pre-cast opportunity and as I write this, two have sold to our best collectors. I believe the message of To Love is To Be is timeless and essential, and I would like to hear if you feel the same?


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