Insights of a Duet

Posted by: Star Rinaldi

The Duet Series symbolizes the bond that two people share in a relationship whether it is new or long-term.  On that journey between to lovers is a graceful strength that forms a balanced dance of faith, trust, and love.  Both Bird in the Hand and Cross My Heart are romantic bronze sculptures by master sculptor Martin Eichinger.  "In Bird in the Hand she balances free in flight with her eyes closed symbolizing total trust between them. They have complete faith in one another. “, Eichinger explains. Cross My Heart truly exhibits the depth and beauty of Martin’s sculpting talent. Martin further shares, “The woman in flight across her partner’s chest can only land safely and gracefully with his support.  The sculpture asks her question, “Do you promise”? The title of the sculpture, Cross My Heart, answers her question for us. “  Both of these sculptures are now available in two sizes.  Eichinger originally sculpted them in a medium size and has recently reduced them to a new smaller size.  In today’s economy it allows for people to still enjoy the subtle yet stunning beauty of his work while still being affordable. They are a perfect fit to enhance any home or environment.  The Duet Series is an ongoing theme in Eichinger’s collection of works.  There are a total of eight so far and these are the two newest.


Cross My Heart, Cast Bronze, Edition 75


Bird in the Hand, Cast Bronze, Edition 75



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